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We can help all types of companies in their procurement needs as long as you are looking for quantities that will achieve our minimum first order value of £100. 


We specialise in the sourcing and procurement of all types of electronic components such as discrete Semiconductors, Transistors and Diodes for Analogue Electronics, Fans, through to mixed-signal and digital components such as Comparators, Logic gates, Simple IC's, DSP's, Processors and all the way up to SoC components.

We also offer a full range of passive components: Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, and Transformers. Furthermore, we can supply a full range of electromechanical components such as Connectors, Relays, Micro-switches, and Electric motors.

Our company is solely focused on delivering board level digital and analogue components that will enable your business to deliver your finished products quickly to your customers.

We take pride in our ability to supply them quickly; often we can offer same day sale and dispatch.


However, we’re not only about helping you find current electronic components from the UK market to fulfil your bill of materials; we also have some exclusive access to many inventories of current, obsolete, rare, and hard to source electronic components - Enabling our customers to maintain and perform repairs on items which they might otherwise have had to scrap on the trailing edge of manufacturing.  If the electronic component is out there someplace we can help you find it, and if we can't find it for you then it probably doesn't exist! To search for electronic components use our online electronic component Part Search HERE.

When buying electronic components from us you can rest assured that we have robust aerospace quality standards governing our processes and operations, quality is of paramount importance to us and our customers. There are many counterfeit parts out there these days and although they may be priced at a point which seems too good to be true (it probably is), in the end, they are almost always of poor quality and are more prone to fail than the actual part they are impersonating. In the end, it's a false economy to use anything other than bona fide trusted supplier’s components in your products.  That's why we will only sell genuine components to our customers; it’s one less thing for you to worry about. Our teams have teamed up with suppliers that been through our Approved Supplier process we take quality very seriously, to not do so would put our reputation with you at stake.

We listen closely to your needs and requirements to ensure complete customer satisfaction; striving to offer above and beyond your expectations because we want you to come back to us next time. is the electronic industry’s premier information provider offering you the latest news, parts supplier information, updates and knowledge about everything related to electronic parts, components and suppliers. If you are looking for information you will get everything under one roof, right here


Today, there are so many electronic component distributors that it often becomes difficult to tell a genuine product supplier of electronic components from one who supplies fake substandard or bad electronic components.  Many suppliers lure customers with offers of below-market priced deals but they may supply goods that are of inferior quality, without warranty or do not work well for some reason or another.

In the eagerness to buy from such sources and save yourself some money or time, you may eventually end up losing your hard-earned money and good reputation.  And worse still the confidence of your customers that you can supply finished goods on time, to the quality standards required and within quoted budgets. Everyone wants a good deal, but a good deal is one which delivers and satisfies the customer first time, every time.

Here, are some tips that can help you avert such instances and enable you to make the correct buying decisions:

Know your component supplier. Never buy components from an unqualified or unknown source.

Where possible conduct yearly site visits of independent distributors to check out their inspection and testing capabilities.

  • Know your component supplier. Never buy components from an unqualified or unknown source.
  • Where possible conduct yearly site visits of independent distributors to check out their inspection and testing capabilities.
  • Have an approved vendor list policy for all suppliers.
  • Ensure that distributors confirm to recognised quality standards and have the right certifications.
  • Research all distributors for cases of the supply of counterfeit electronic components in the past.
  • Never buy electronic components that are too cheap, a fraction of the market price.
  • Inspect electronic components from distributors immediately.
  • Do not buy electronic components from unknown sources who offer immediate availability in times of shortage.
  • Use Internet search engines carefully.
  • Be extra vigilant while buying electronic components in the open market as most fake electronic components are sold on the spot.
  • Never buy electronic components in haste. Attempts at saving money or time may cost dear in the long run.
  • Look to buy from suppliers who are Aerospace and MOD approved

A little effort and time spent before striking a deal on electronic components may be well worth the investment. Always be a little cautious and vigilant before and while executing the deal because the last thing that you would want is a part that does not work and a supplier who won’t answer your calls!

Take a look around our site and see what services we provide and our AS9120 & ISO 9001 Certifications from BSi. We are here to support you in making the right choice of supplier, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations every time!

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