N*ABLE Technologies - http://www.nabletech.com 
Naina Semiconductor Limited - http://www.nainasemi.com 
NanoAmp Solutions - http://www.nanoamp.com 
Nanolayers Ltd. - http://www.nanolayers.com 
NanoOpto Corp. - http://www.nanoopto.com 
Nanya Technology - http://www.nanya.com 
National Semiconductor - http://www.national.com 
See also: http://www.fairchildsemi.com Fairchild 
See also: http://www.viatech.com VIA Technology 
Navarro Networks - http://www.navarronetworks.com 
See also: http://www.cisco.com Cisco Systems 
NEC - http://www.ic.nec.co.jp 
NEC / CEL - http://www.cel.com 
NEC Electronics - http://www.necel.com 
See also: http://www.ic.nec.co.jp NEC 
See also: http://www.nec-global.com NEC Japan 
See also: http://www.nec.com NEC Semiconductors USA 
See also: http://www.nec-tokin.com NEC/TOKIN Corporation 
NEC Japan - http://www.nec-global.com 
NEC Semiconductors USA - http://www.nec.com 
NeoMagic Corporation - http://www.neomagic.com 
Neopac Semiconductor Corp. - http://www.neopac.com.cn 
NESS Corp. - http://www.ness.co.kr 
NESS DISPLAY Co. LTD. - http://www.nessdisplay.com 
NessCap Co. Ltd. - http://www.nesscap.com 
NetChip Technology, Inc. - http://www.netchip.com 
Netergy Networks - http://www.netergynet.com 
Netlogic Microsystems - http://www.netlogicmicro.com 
NetMos Technology - http://www.netmos.com 
NetSilicon Inc. - http://www.netsilicon.com 
Neuricam - http://www.neuricam.com 
New England Semiconductor - http://www.nesemi.com 
See also: http://www.microsemi.com Microsemi 
New Japan Radio - http://www.njr.co.jp/index_e.htm
NewLogic Technologies AG - http://www.newlogic.at 
See also: http://www.newlogic.at NewLogic Technologies AG 
NexFlash Technologies, Inc. - http://www.nexflash.com 
NextComm Inc. - http://www.nextcomminc.com 
NexusChips Co. Ltd. - http://www.nexuschips.com 
Nichia - http://www.nichia.com 
Nichicon - http://www.nichicon.com 
See also: http://www.nichicon.com Nichicon 
Nihon Inter Electronics Corporation - http://www.niec.co.jp/engver2/niec.co.jp_eg.htm
See also: http://www.niec.co.jp/engver2/niec.co.jp_eg.htm
Ningbo Brightech Optoelectronics Co.,LTD. - http://www.brightech-opto.com 
Nippon Precision Circuits Inc - http://www.npc.co.jp 
Nippon Precision Circuits, Inc. - http://npcamerica.com 
Nishan Systems Inc. - http://www.nishansystems.com 
Nitronex Corporation - http://www.nitronex.com 
NKK LSI - http://www.nkk.co.jp/LSI 
See also: http://www.fujitsumicro.com Fujitsu 
NKT Integration A/S - http://www.nktintegration.com 
Noise Com Inc. - http://www.noisecom.com 
Nomura Semiconductor Technology Inc. - http://www.nst-inc.co.jp 
Nordic - http://www.nvlsi.no 
NorLux Corp. - http://www.norluxcorp.com 
Nortel Networks - http://www.nortelnetworks.com 
Nova Crystals, Inc. - http://www.novacrystals.com 
NovaLED GmbH - http://www.novaled.de 
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Novanet Semiconductor - http://www.novanetsemi.com 
See also: http://www.conexant.com Conexant 
Novatek - http://www.novatek.com.tw 
NT International - http://www.nt-intl.com 
NTK International Ltd - http://www.ntkhk.com.hk 
NTT Electronics Corporation - http://www.nel.co.jp 
See also: http://www.nel-world.com NTT Electronics Corporation 
See also: http://www.nel.co.jp NTT Electronics Corporation 
NuCORE Technology - http://www.nucoretech.com 
Nujira Ltd. - http://www.nujira.com 
NUON - http://www.nuon-tech.com 
See also: http://www.vmlabs.com VM Labs 
NurLogic Design Inc. - http://www.nurlogic.com 
Nuvonyx - http://www.nuvonyx.com 
NVG Inc. - http://www.nvginc.com 
NVidia - http://www.nvidia.com 
NxtWave Communications Inc. - http://www.nxtwavecomm.com


O2 Micro - http://www.o2micro.com 
Oak Technology Inc. - http://www.oaktech.com 
Oasis Semiconductor - http://www.oasissemi.com 
Oasis SiliconSystems AG - http://www.oasis.com 
See also: http://www.smsc.com Standard Microsystems Corporation 
Octasic - http://www.octasic.com 
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Oki Semiconductor - http://www.okisemi.com 
See also: http://www.oki-europe.de Oki Semiconductor Europe 
See also: http://www.oki.com Oki Semiconductor Taiwan 
Oki Semiconductor Europe - http://www.oki-europe.de 
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Okmetic Oyj - http://www.okmetic.com 
OMMIC - http://www.ommic.com 
Omnirel - http://www.omnirel.com 
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Onix Microsystems Inc. - http://www.onixmicrosystems.com 
Open Solution Inc. - http://www.opensolution.com 
Oplink Communications Inc. - http://www.oplink.com 
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See also: http://www.osram-os.com Osram Opto Semiconductors 
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Optronics International Corp. - http://www.oic.com.tw 
OpTun Inc. - http://www.optun.com 
Oren Semiconductor - http://www.oren.com 
Orient Display Limited - http://www.orientdisplay.com 
Orient Semiconductor Electronics - http://www.ose.com.tw 
Osram - http://www.osram-os.de 
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See also: http://www.oxleygroup.com Oxley Components 
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OZ Optics Ltd. - http://www.ozoptics.com 
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P-Tec Corp. - http://www.p-tec.net 
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Palmchip Corporation - http://www.palmchip.com 
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Panasonic Japan - http://www.panasonic.co.jp/global/top.html
See also: http://www.nichicon.com Nichicon 
See also: http://panasonic.co.jp/maco/en Panasonic 
See also: http://www.panasonic.com Panasonic USA 
Panasonic USA - http://www.panasonic.com 
Panjit - http://www.panjit.com.tw 
Pantronix Corp. - http://www.pantronix.com 
Para Light - http://www.aopinc.net 
Para Light Electronics - http://www.para.com.tw 
See also: http://www.aopinc.net Para Light 
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See also: http://www.cirrus.com Cirrus Logic 
Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation - http://www.peregrine-semi.com 
Performance Motion Devices - http://www.pmdcorp.com 
Performance Semi - http://www.performance-semi.com 
Pericom Semiconductor Corp. - http://www.pericom.com 
PerkinElmer - http://www.perkinelmer.com 
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Philips Semiconductors - http://www.phillipssemiconductors.com 
Philsar Semiconductor - http://www.philsar.com 
See also: http://www.conexant.com Conexant 
Phoenix Silicon International Corp. - 
Photobit - http://www.photobit.com 
See also: http://www.micron.com Micron Technology 
Photon Vision Systems, Inc. - http://www.photon-vision.com 
Photonfocus AG - http://www.photonfocus.com 
Photonic Products Ltd. - http://www.photonics.uk.com 
Photonics Industries - http://www.photonix.com 
Photron Semiconductor Corp - http://www.photron.com.tw 
Photronics Inc. - http://www.photronics.com 
Phyworks Ltd. - http://www.phyworks-ic.com 
picoChip Designs Limited - http://www.picochip.com 
PICOGIGA - http://www.picogiga.com 
Picolight Incorporated - http://www.picolight.com 
Picosecond Pulse Labs Inc. - http://www.picosecond.com 
Pictos Technologies Inc. - http://www.pictos.com 
Picvue Electronics Ltd. - http://www.picvue.com.tw 
Pijnenburg - http://www.pijnenburg.nl 
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Pixel Devices International Inc. - http://www.pixeldevices.com 
PixelCam - http://www.pixelcam.com 
See also: http://www.zoran.com Zoran 
PixelFusion - http://www.pixelfusion.com 
Pixelworks - http://www.pixelworksinc.com 
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Planeta - http://www.novgorod.net/~planeta 
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PLX Technology Inc. - http://www.plxtech.com 
PMC-Sierra - http://www.pmc-sierra.com 
PointChips Inc. - http://www.pointchips.com 
PolarFab Inc. - http://www.polarfab.com 
Polyfet RF Devices - http://www.polyfet.com 
Polymer Vision - http://www.polymervision.com 
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Power Innovations - http://www.powinv.com 
Power Integration, Inc. - http://www.powerint.com 
Power X Ltd. - http://www.px.uk.com 
Power-IO - http://www.power-io.com 
POWER-LIGHT ELECTRONIC Co. Ltd. - http://www.powerlight.com.tw 
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Powerex - http://www.pwrx.com 
PowerSmart Inc. - http://www.powersmart.com 
PowerTech - http://www.power-tech.com 
PowerVR Technologies - http://www.powervr.com 
PPC - http://www.flinet.com/~ppc 
PrairieComm - http://www.prairiecomm.com 
Prema Semiconductor - http://www.prema.com 
Primarion - http://www.primarion.com 
Prime View International - http://www.pvi.com.tw 
Princeton Optronics - http://www.princetonoptronics.com 
Princeton Technology Corporation - http://www.princeton.com.tw 
Procomp Informatics Ltd. - http://www.procomp.com.tw 
Profilic - http://www.prolific.com.tw 
Programmable Microelectronics Corporation - http://www.pmcflash.com 
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Prominent Communications - http://www.prominentcomm.com 
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ProTek - http://www.protekdevices.com 
PROWTech Inc. - http://www.prowtech.com 
Proxim Corporation - http://www.proxim.com 
PulseCore Semiconductor, Inc. - http://www.pulsecore.com 
Pulse~LINK, Inc. - http://www.pulselink.net 
Pulsus - http://www.pulsus.co.kr 
Purdy - 
Pure Wafer - http://www.purewafer.com


Q-Dot. Inc - http://www.qdot.com 
See also: http://www.simtek.com Simtek 
qLogic - http://www.qlogic.com 
QPL Ltd. - http://www.qpl.com 
QSound Labs - http://www.qsound.com 
Quadic Systems - http://www.quadic.com 
See also: http://www.tundra.com Tundra Semiconductors 
QUALCOMM Inc. - http://www.qualcomm.com 
Qualified Parts Laboratory - http://www.qp-labs.com 
Quantum Electronic Design & Innovation - http://www.qedi.net 
Quantum Research - http://www.qprox.com 
QuickLogic - http://www.quicklogic.com 
Quorum Systems Inc - http://www.quorumsystems.com 
Qusion Technologies Inc. - http://www.qusiontech.com


R&E - http://www.randeint.com 
Rabbit Semiconductor - http://www.rabbitsemiconductor.com 
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Radia Communications Inc. - http://www.radiacommunications.com 
Radiata - http://www.radiata.com 
See also: http://www.cisco.com Cisco Systems 
Radiometrix Ltd - http://www.radiometrix.co.uk 
RadiSys - http://www.radisys.com 
Rambus - http://www.rambus.com 
Ramtron - http://www.ramtron.com 
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Raqia Networks Inc. - http://www.raqia.com 
Raychem Circuit Protection - http://www.circuitprotection.com 
See also: http://www.tycoelectronics.com Tyco Electronics 
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Raytheon - http://www.raytheon.com 
See also: http://www.rme.es Raytheon Microelectronics Spain 
See also: http://www.systemonic.com Systemonic AG 
Raytheon Microelectronics Spain - http://www.rme.es 
Realtek Semiconductor - http://www.realtek.com.tw 
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RedSwitch, Inc. - http://www.redswitch.com 
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RF Magic Inc. - http://www.rfmagic.com 
RF Micro Devices - http://www.rfmd.com 
RF Monolithics Inc. - http://www.rfm.com 
RF Nitro Communications Inc. - http://www.rfnitro.com 
RF Solutions Inc. - http://www.rf-solutions.com 
RFWaves LTD. - http://www.rfwaves.com 
Richardson Electronics, Ltd. - http://www.rell.com 
Ricoh - http://www.ricoh.co.jp/LSI/english 
Rise Technology - http://www.rise.com 
Rising-Sun Co. - http://www.rs-elec.com 
RiTdisplay Corp. - http://www.ritdisplay.com 
RiTdisplay Corporation - http://www.ritekdisplay.com 
Ritek - http://www.ritek.com.tw 
See also: http://www.ritekdisplay.com RiTdisplay Corporation 
Rochester Electronics - http://www.rocelec.com 
RocketChips - http://www.rocketchips.com 
See also: http://www.xilinx.com Xilinx 
ROHM - http://www.rohm.co.jp 
See also: http://www.rohm.com ROHM 
See also: http://www.rohmelectronics.com ROHM Electronics Division US 
See also: http://www.rohm.co.uk ROHM UK 
ROHM Electronics Division US - http://www.rohmelectronics.com 
ROHM UK - http://www.rohm.co.uk 
See also: http://www.rohm.com ROHM 
See also: http://www.rohmelectronics.com ROHM Electronics Division US 
Rolltronics Inc. - http://www.rolltronics.com 
RTX Telecom A/S - http://www.rtx.dk 
Rudolph Technologies, Inc. - http://www.rudolphtech.com 
Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd. - http://www.ruttonsha.com


S3 Graphics - http://www.s3graphics.com 
See also: http://www.via.com.tw VIA Technologies 
SAC-TEC - http://www.sactec.com 
Sage Inc. - http://www.sageinc.com 
Saifun Semiconductors - http://www.saifun.com 
Sames - http://www.sames.co.za 
SAMHOP Microelectronics Corp. - http://www.samhop.com.tw 
Samsung - http://www.samsung.com 
See also: http://www.alsc.com Alliance Semiconductor 
See also: http://www.sem.samsung.com Samsung Electro-Mechanics 
See also: http://www.samsung-parts.com Samsung Electro-Mechanics Online 
See also: http://www.samsungelectronics.com Samsung Electronics 
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Samsung Electro-Mechanics - http://www.sem.samsung.com 
Samsung Electro-Mechanics Online - http://www.samsung-parts.com 
Samsung Electronics - http://www.samsungelectronics.com 
Samsung Korea - http://www.sem.samsung.co.kr 
Sand Video Inc. - http://www.sandvideo.com 
Sandbridge Technologies Inc. - http://www.sandbridgetech.com 
SandCraft - http://www.sandcraft.com 
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Sanken - http://www.sanken-ele.co.jp 
See also: http://www.allegromicro.com Allegro 
SANREX CORPORATION - http://www.sanrex.com 
Sansha Electric Mfg. Co. Ltd. - http://www.sansha.co.jp 
Santel Networks Inc. - http://www.santelnetworks.com 
Sanyo Semiconductor - http://www.semic.sanyo.co.jp 
Sarantel Limited - http://www.sarantel.com 
Sarnoff - http://www.gemes.com 
See also: http://www.gemes.com Sarnoff 
Sarnoff Corp. - http://www.sarnoff.com 
SatCon Electronics Inc - http://www.satconelectronics.com 
SAW Components Dresden - http://www.sawcomponents.de 
Sawtek Incorporated - http://www.sawtek.com 
See also: http://www.triquint.com TriQuint Semiconductor 
Schlumberger Semiconductor Solutions - http://www.1.slb.com/semiconductors 
Sci-Worx - http://www.sci-worx.com 
See also: http://www.infineon.com Infineon Technologies 
Scion Photonics, Inc. - http://www.scionphotonics.com 
SCS - http://www.scs-corp.com 
SDL - http://www.sdli.com 
See also: http://www.jdsu.com JDS Uniphase 
Seaway Networks Inc. - http://www.seawaynetworks.com 
SEI - http://www.sei.com 
Seiko Instruments USA - http://www.seiko-usa-ecd.com 
Seki Technotron - http://www.sekitech.com 
Self-Timed Solutions - http://www.selftimedsolutions.co.uk 
SemeLab - http://www.semelab.co.uk 
Semicoa Semiconductors - http://semicoa.com 
Semiconductor Advanced Lithography - http://www.xraylitho.com 
See also: http://www.jmar-si.com JMAR Semiconductor 
Semiconductor Laser International - http://www.slicorp.com 
Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies Ltd. - http://www.selete.co.jp 
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation - http://www.smics.com 
Semiconductor Technology, Inc. - http://www.semi-tech-inc.com 
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Semitron - http://www.semitron.net 
See also: http://www.crydom.com Crydom 
Semtech - http://www.semtech.com 
Sensitron - http://www.sensitron.com 
Sensonix Incorporated - http://www.sensonix.com 
SensoNor - http://www.sensonor.no 
SensorTechnics - http://www.sensortechnics.com 
Sensory - http://www.sensoryinc.com 
SEQUANS Communications - http://www.sequans.com 
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Shanghai Belling Co. Ltd. - http://www.belling.com.cn 
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Shanghai Hua Hong (Group) Co. Ltd. - http://www.huahong.com.cn 
Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics Co. Ltd. - http://www.hhnec.com.cn 
Shanghai Nortel Semiconductor - 
Shanghai Sunrise Electronics Co. - http://www.sse-diode.com 
Shanghai Video & Audio Electronics Co. Ltd. - http://www.sva.com.cn 
Shanghai Xingang Semiconductor Device Factory - http://www.xgled.com 
ShareWave Inc. - http://www.sharewave.com 
Sharp Electronics Europe - http://www.sharp-sme.com 
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Sharp Microelectronics America - http://www.sharpsma.com 
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Shenzhen Etop LCD Co. Ltd. - http://www.etop-lcd.com 
Shenzhen Guoyexing Optoelectronics Co. Ltd. - http://www.gyx-led.com 
Shenzhen Microcosm Electronics Co. - http://www.smicro.com 
SHENZHEN PILOT TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. - http://www.pilotech.cn 
Shenzhen Topway Technology Co. Ltd. - http://www.topwaydisplay.com 
Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. - http://www.shinetsu.co.jp 
Shindengen Japan - http://www.shindengen.co.jp 
See also: http://www.shindengen.co.uk Shindengen UK 
See also: http://www.shindengen.com Shindengen USA 
Shindengen UK - http://www.shindengen.co.uk 
Shindengen USA - http://www.shindengen.com 
Shing Yih Technology Co. Ltd. - http://www.sytco.com.tw 
Shinko Electric Industries - http://www.shinko.co.jp 
Shinshin Capacitors - http://film-capacitor.com 
Siano Mobile Silicon Ltd. - http://www.siano-ms.com 
SiByte Inc. - http://www.sibyte.com 
Sichuan Institute of Solid-State Circuits - http://www.sisc.com.cn 
SIDSA - http://www.sidsa.es 
Sierra Imaging - http://www.sierraimaging.com 
See also: http://www.conexant.com Conexant 
Sierra Monolithics, Inc. - http://www.monolithics.com 
SiGe Semiconductor - http://www.sige.com 
Sigma Designs - http://www.sigmadesigns.com 
SigmaTel, Inc. - http://www.sigmatel.com 
Signal Processing Group, Inc. - http://www.signalpro.com 
Signal Processing Technologies - http://www.spt.com 
See also: http://www.fairchildsemi.com Fairchild 
Signal Technology - http://www.sigtech.com 
Signetics - http://www.signetics.com 
Signia Technologies - http://www.signiatech.com 
Sigurd Microelectronics Corp. - http://www.sigurd.com.tw 
SiidTech Inc. - http://www.siidtech.com 
Sil-Walker - http://www.vcnet.com/silwkr 
Silan Microelectronics - http://www.silan.com.cn 
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Silicon Access Networks - http://www.siliconaccess.com 
Silicon Crystals Inc. - http://www.siliconcrystals.com 
Silicon Design Resources - http://www.sdrcorp.com 
See also: http://www.qlogic.com qLogic 
Silicon Genesis Corporation - http://www.sigen.com 
Silicon Image - http://www.siimage.com 
Silicon Imaging, Inc. - http://www.siliconimaging.com 
Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. - http://www.sis.com.tw 
Silicon Laboratories - http://www.silabs.com 
Silicon Magic - http://www.simagic.com 
Silicon Magnetic Systems - http://www.siliconmagnetics.com 
Silicon Materials Inc. - http://www.siliconmaterials.com 
Silicon Microstructures, Inc. - http://www.si-micro.com 
Silicon Motion - http://www.siliconmotion.com 
SILICON POWER ELECTRONICS - http://www.onlinespe.com 
Silicon Recognition - http://www.silirec.com 
Silicon Sensors LLC - http://www.siliconsensors.com 
Silicon Storage Technology - http://www.sst.com 
See also: http://www.superflash.com SST 
Silicon Transistor Corp. 
Silicon Value - http://www.silicon-value.com 
See also: TIOGA 
Silicon Wave - http://www.siliconwave.com 
Silicon Wireless - http://www.silicon-wireless.com 
Silicon-On-Insulator Technologies - http://www.soitec.com 
Silicon7 - http://www.silicon7.com 
Siliconians - http://www.siliconians.com 
Siliconix - http://www.vishay.com/brands/siliconix 
Siliconware Precision Industries Ltd. - http://www.spil.com.tw 
Silicore - http://www.silicore.net 
Siliquent Technologies Inc. - http://www.siliquent.com 
Silonex Inc. - http://www.silonex.com 
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Siltronix sarl - http://www.siltronix.com 
Silver Telecom - http://www.silvertel.com 
Silverback Systems Inc. - http://www.silverbacksystems.com 
Simix - http://www.simix.nl 
SimpleTech - http://www.simpletech.com 
Simtek - http://www.simtek.com 
SingaTrust - http://www.singatrust.com 
SiPackets, Inc. - http://www.sipackets.com 
Sipex - http://www.sipex.com 
See also: http://www.satconelectronics.com SatCon Electronics Inc 
SiQuest - http://www.siquest.com 
Sirenza Microdevices - http://www.sirenza.com 
SiRES Labs - http://www.sireslabs.com 
SiRF Technology Inc. - http://www.sirf.com 
Sirius Communications - http://www.sirius.be 
See also: http://www.semiconductor.agilent.com Agilent Technologies 
Siroyan - http://www.siroyan.com 
SIS Microelectronics - http://www.sismicro.com 
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Sitera - http://www.sitera.com 
Sitronix Technology Co. Ltd. - http://www.sitronix.com.tw 
SK Display Corp. - http://www.kodak.com 
Skystone Systems - http://www.skystone.com 
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Skyworks Solutions Inc. - http://www.skyworksinc.com 
Sloan Company Inc. - http://www.sloancorp.com 
SMaL Camera Technologies - http://www.smalcamera.com 
Smart Modular Technologies - http://www.smartm.com 
SmartASIC, Inc. - http://www.smartasic.com 
SOF-Optoelectronics GmbH - http://www.sof-optoelectronics.com 
Soft Device - http://www.softdevice.com 
SOFTswitch - http://www.softswitch.co.uk 
Solid State Devices - http://www.ssdi-power.com 
Solid State Optronics - http://www.ssousa.com 
Solidum Systems Corp. - http://www.solidum.com 
Solitron Devices, Inc. - http://www.solitrondevices.com 
Solomon LCM - http://www.goldentek.com.tw 
SOLOMON Systech Ltd. - http://www.solomon-systech.com 
Solomon Wireless Corp. - http://www.solomon.com.tw/wireless 
SONICblue - http://www.sonicblue.com 
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Sonics, Inc. - http://www.sonicsinc.com 
Sony Japan - http://www.sony.co.jp 
Sony Semiconductor - http://www.sel.sony.com/semi 
Sorensen Lighted Controls - http://www.solico.com 
Sound Vision - http://www.soundvisioninc.com 
Space Electronics - http://www.spaceelectronics.com 
Spansion - http://www.spansion.com 
Spectra-Physics - http://www.splasers.com 
Spectrian - http://www.spectrian.com 
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SpeechWorks International - http://www.speechworks.com 
Spinnaker Semiconductor - http://www.spinnakersemi.com 
Spirea AB - http://www.spirea.com 
SRC Devices, Inc. - http://www.srcdevices.com 
SSMC - http://www.ssmc.com.sg 
SST - http://www.superflash.com 
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ST Assembly Test Services Ltd - http://www.stats.com.sg 
ST Microelectronics - http://www.st.com 
Standard MEMS - http://www.stdmems.com 
Standard Microsystems Corporation - http://www.smsc.com 
Stanford Microdevices - http://www.stanfordmicro.com 
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Stanley Electric - http://www.stanley-electric.com 
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Stanley Electric Co. Ltd. - http://www.stanley.co.jp 
StarCore - http://www.starcore-dsp.com 
StarGen - http://www.stargen.com 
Starled - http://www.starled.com 
Stellex Microwave Systems, Inc. - http://www.stellexms.com 
Sterling Semiconductor - http://www.sterling-semiconductor.com 
StockerYale (IRL) Ltd - http://www.corkopt.com 
Stonestreet One - http://www.stonestreetone.com 
Stratos Lightwave Inc. - http://www.stratoslightwave.com 
Stream Machine - http://www.streammachine.com 
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Sumitomo Mitsubishi Silicon Corporation - http://www.sumcosi.com 
Summit Microelectronics - http://www.summitmicro.com 
Sun Microelectronics - http://www.sun.com/sparc
Sun Microsystems - http://www.sun.com/microelectronics 
Sunbrite Group Lumex Inc. - http://www.sunbriteleds.com 
Sundance Technology - http://www.sundanceti.com 
Suni Image Microsystems - http://www.suni.com 
Sunplus Technology Co. - http://www.sunplus.com.tw 
Super Bright Industrial Ltd. - http://www.led.com.hk 
SuperH Inc. - http://www.superh.com 
Supertex - http://www.supertex.com 
Surge Components - http://www.surgecomponents.com 
Suss Micro Tec - http://www.suss.com 
Sussex Semiconductor - http://www.sussexsemiconductor.com 
Svenska Grindmatriser - http://www.sga.se 
Swindon Silicon Systems - http://www.sssl.co.uk 
Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology - http://www.csem.ch 
SwitchCore - http://www.switchcore.com 
SyChip Inc. - http://www.sychip.com 
Synad Technologies - http://www.synad.com 
See also: http://www.synad.com Synad Technologies 
Synopsys, Inc. - http://www.synopsys.com 
Synova, Inc. - http://www.synova.com 
SynSemi Inc. - http://www.synsemi.com 
Syntek Semiconductor - http://www.syntekt.com.tw 
System General - http://www.sg.com.tw 
System to ASIC - http://www.system-to-asic.com 
Systemonic AG - http://www.systemonic.com 
Systems & Processes Engineering - http://www.spec.com 
Systems On Silicon Inc. - http://www.sosi2000.com


T-Networks Inc. - http://www.tnetworksinc.com
T.sqware - http://www.tsqware.com 
Tahoe RF Semiconductor Inc. - http://www.tahoerf.com 
Taisil Electronic Materials Corporation - http://www.taisil.com.tw 
Taitron Components - http://www.taitroncomponents.com 
Taiwan GPP - http://www.asiansources.com/gpp.co
Taiwan Memory Technology - http://www.tmtech.com.tw 
Taiwan Micropaq Corporation - http://www.tmc.com.tw 
Taiwan Oasis Technology Co. - http://www.taiwanoasis.com.tw 
Taiwan Semiconductor Technology Corporation - http://www.tstc.com.tw 
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Taiwan Semiconductors - http://www.ts.com.tw 
Taiwan Semiconductors Manufacturing Company - http://www.tsmc.com.tw 
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TAK'ASIC - http://www.takasic.com 
Tamarack - http://www.tmi.com.tw 
Tandex Test Labs - http://www.tandexlabs.com 
Tarari Inc. - http://www.tarari.com 
Tau Networks Inc. - http://www.taunetworks.com 
Tavanza Inc. - http://www.tavanza.com 
TChip Semiconductor - http://www.tchip.com 
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TDI Transitor Devices - http://www.tdipower.com 
TDK Semiconductors - http://www.tdksemiconductor.com 
Teamasia Lakhi Semiconductors Limited - http://www.teamasia.co.in 
TEC - http://www.tec1.com 
Teccor Electronics - http://www.teccor.com 
Techsoft - http://www.techsoft.com.tw 
Techtronic - http://www.techtronic.org 
Tecstar Inc. - http://www.tecstar.com 
Tekmos - http://www.tekmos.com 
Teknovus Inc. - http://www.teknovus.com 
TelASIC Communications - http://www.telasic.com 
TelCom Semiconductor - http://www.telcom-semi.com 
TELECOM-STV Co. Ltd. - http://www.telstv.ru 
TeleCruz - http://www.telecruz.com 
Teledyne - http://www.teledynerelays.com 
TELOPS - http://www.telops.com 
Temex Components - http://www.temex-components.com 
Temic - http://www.temic-semi.de 
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Tensilica, Inc. - http://www.tensilica.com 
Tensleep - http://www.tensleep.com 
tenx technology, inc. - http://www.tenx.com.tw 
TeraCross Ltd. - http://www.teracross.com 
Teradian Co. - http://www.teradian.com 
Terahertz Photonics Ltd. - http://www.terahertz-photonics.com 
Teralogic, Inc. - http://www.teralogic-inc.com 
Teravicta Technologies, Inc. - http://www.teravicta.com 
Terayon - http://www.terayon.com 
Tessera Technologies Inc. - http://www.tessera.com 
Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions - http://www.taosinc.com 
Texas Instruments - http://www.ti.com 
Texas Instruments Storage Products Group - http://www.ti.com/sc/docs/storage/index.htm
Texas Optoelectronics Inc. - http://www.texas-opto.com 
Thakur Angre Electronic Components Pvt. Ltd. - http://www.taecl.com 
Thaler - http://www.thaler.com 
THAT - http://www.thatcorp.com 
Theseus Logic Inc. - http://www.theseus.com 
THine Electronics Inc. - http://www.thine.co.jp 
ThreeFive Photonics - http://www.35ph.com 
Tianjin Tianxing Electronic. - http://home.tradeeasy.com/txe 
Tianjin Zhong-Huan Semiconductor Corp. - http://www.asiansources.com/tzhsemi.co
TIANMA Microelectronics (U.S.A) Inc. - http://www.tianma.com 
TigerJet Network Inc. - http://www.tjnet.com 
Time Domain Corporation - http://www.timedomain.com 
Tioga Technologies Ltd. - http://www.tiogatech.com 
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Top-Vu Technology - http://www.topvu.com 
Toppoly Optoelectronics Corp - http://www.toppoly.com 
Topro Technology Inc. - http://www.topro.com.tw 
TOPS Systems - http://www.topscom.co.jp 
Topsil - http://www.topsil.com 
Torex - http://www.torex.co.jp 
Toshiba - http://www.toshiba.com 
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Toshiba Electronic Components - http://www.toshiba.com/taec 
Toshiba Semiconductors - http://www.semicon.toshiba.co.jp 
Tower Semiconductors - http://www.towersemi.com 
Toyoda Gosei - http://www.toyoda-gosei.co.jp 
Toyolite Technologies Corp. - http://www.toyolite.com.tw 
Toyota Semiconductors - http://www.toyota-shokki.co.jp 
TRAC - http://www.fas.co.uk 
TransChip - http://www.transchip.com 
Transcom Inc. - http://www.transcominc.com.tw 
TransDimension Inc. - http://www.transdimension.com 
Transilica - http://www.transilica.com 
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Transmeta - http://www.transmeta.com 
Transparent Networks Inc. - http://www.transparentnetworks.com 
TransSwitch - http://www.transwitch.com 
Transys Electronics - http://www.transyselectronics.com 
Trebia Networks Inc. - http://www.trebia.com 
Trecenti Technologies - http://www.trecenti-tech.com 
Tri-Vision - http://www.tri-vision.ca 
Trident Microsystems - http://www.trident.com.hk 
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Trimble - http://www.trimble.com 
Trinamic Microchips GmbH - http://www.trinamic.com 
Tripath - http://www.tripath.com 
TriQuint Semiconductor - http://www.triquint.com 
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Triscend Corp. - http://www.triscend.com 
Triton Network Systems - http://www.triton-network.com 
TRONIC'S Microsystems SA - http://www.tronics-mst.com 
Tropian - http://www.tropian.com 
TrueLight Corporation - http://www.truelight.com.tw 
Trumeter Co. - http://www.trumeter.com 
Trumpion Microelectronics Inc. - http://www.trumpion.com.tw 
TRW - http://www.velocium.com 
TSMC - http://www.tsmc.com 
TTP Communications - http://www.ttpcom.com 
Tundra Semiconductors - http://www.tundra.com 
Turbo IC - http://www.turbo-ic.com 
TVI Electronics - http://www.tvielectronics.com 
Tvia - http://www.tvia.com 
Twin Hill Corp. - http://www.twinhill.com.tw 
TwinMOS Technologies Inc. - http://www.twinmos.com.tw 
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Tyco Electronics - http://www.tycoelectronics.com 
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Tyntek Corporation - http://www.tyntek.com.tw 
TZero Technologies Inc. - http://www.tzti.com