What can we supply? Semiconductors, Fans, passives, relays, semiconductors, transformers, switches, connectors, motors, conductors, cables, mechanical spares, fasteners, seals, adhesives, paints call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Discrete Semiconductors Integrated Circuits - ICs RF Semiconductors Embedded Processors & Controllers call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Circuit Protection Circuit Breakers & Accessories Gas Discharge Tubes - GDTs / Gas Plasma Arrestors Thermistors Circuit Protection Kits LED Protection Devices Thyristors ESD Suppressors Power Outlet Strips TVS Diodes Fuse Holders Surge Suppressors Varistors Fuses Thermal Cut-offs call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Connectors AC Power Line Filters Fibre Optic Connectors Pin & Socket Connectors Audio & Video Connectors Firewire Connectors Power Connectors Automotive Connectors Headers & Wire Housings RF Interconnects Backplane Connectors I/O Connectors Solar Connectors / Photovoltaic Connectors Board to Board & Mezzanine Connectors IC & Component Sockets Terminal Blocks Card Edge Connectors Junction Systems Terminals Circular Connectors Lighting Connectors Test Connectors Data Bus Components Memory Connectors Unspecified Connectors D-Sub Connectors Modular Connectors / Ethernet Connectors USB Connectors FFC / FPC call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Electromechanical Audio Devices I/O Modules Printers Circuit Breakers Industrial Automation Relays Encoders Knobs & Dials Switches Hardware Motors & Drives call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Embedded Solutions Computing Ethernet & Communication Modules Power Management Modules Data Conversion Modules Interface Modules RF / Wireless Modules Display Modules Memory Modules Sensor Modules Energy Harvesting Modules Modules Accessories Video Modules Engineering Tools Other Modules call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Enclosures Enclosures, Boxes & Cases Racks & Cabinets Standard Electrical call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Engineering Development Tools Active Filter Development Tools Display Development Tools Power Management IC Development Tools Amplifier IC Development Tools Embedded Processor Development Tools Programmable Logic IC Development Tools Antenna Development Tools Ethernet & Communication Development Tools RF / Wireless Development Tools Audio IC Development Tools Fibre Optic Development Tools Security/Authentication Development Tools Clock & Timer Development Tools Interface Development Tools Sensor Development Tools Data Conversion IC Development Tools LED Lighting Development Tools Switch IC Development Tools Development Software Memory IC Development Tools Video IC Development Tools Digital Potentiometer Development Tools Other Development Tools call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Industrial Automation Controllers Power Switches Input Devices Relays & Solenoids Terminal Blocks Measurement Sensors call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you LED Lighting LED Bulbs & Modules LED Lighting Electronics LED Lighting Optics LED Emitters LED Lighting Mechanical call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Opto-electronics Backlighting Components Lamps & Holders LED Projectors Displays Lasers Optical Detectors and Sensors Drivers LED Indication Optical Switches Fibre Optics LED Lighting Optocouplers/Photocouplers Infrared Data Communications call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Passive Components Antennas Inductors Thermistors - NTC Capacitors Potentiometers,Trimmers & Rheostats Thermistors - PTC EMI/RFI Components Resistors Transformers Audio & Signal Encoders Signal Conditioning Varistors Frequency Control & Timing Devices call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Power AC Power Entry Modules Battery Holders, Snaps & Contacts Power Management ICs AC Power Leads Benchtop Power Supplies Power Supplies AC Power Plugs & Receptacles DC Power Connectors Supercapacitors Batteries DC/DC Converters Transformers Battery Chargers Power Condition call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Semiconductors Discrete Semiconductors Diodes & Rectifiers Thyristors Transistors Discrete Semiconductor Modules call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Embedded Processors & Controllers CPLD - Complex Programmable Logic Devices FPGA - Configuration Memory Processors - Application Specialised CPU - Central Processing Units FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array RF System on a Chip - SoC Digital Signal Processors & Controllers - DSP, DSC Microcontrollers - MCU SPLD - Complex Programmable Logic Devices EEPLD - Electronically Erasable Programmable Logic Devices Microprocessors - MPU Systems on a Chip - SoC call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Integrated Circuits - ICs Active Filter Counter ICs Memory Amplifier ICs Data Conversion ICs Multimedia ICs Attenuators - ICs Digital Potentiometer ICs Optocouplers/Photocouplers Audio ICs Driver ICs Power Management ICs Chipsets Embedded Processors & Controllers Programmable Logic ICs Clock & Timer ICs Equalisers RF Integrated Circuits Communication & Networking ICs Interface ICs Switch ICs Comparator ICs Logic ICs call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you RF Semiconductors PIN Diodes RF Integrated Circuits Transistors RF call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Sensors Audio Sensors Liquid Level Sensors Proximity Sensors Capacitive Touch Sensors Magnetic Sensors Safety Light Curtains Current Sensors Motion & Position Sensors Sensor Development Tools Encoders Optical Sensors Sensor Fixings & Accessories Environmental Sensors Power & Control Sensor ICs Temperature Sensors Flow Sensors Pressure Sensors Vibration & Tilt Sensors Linear Displacement Sensors call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Test & Measurement Analysers Data Logging & Acquisition Multimeters & Voltmeters Attenuators - Interconnects Decade Boxes Oscilloscopes Audio/Video Test Equipment Environmental Test Equipment Panel Meters Battery Testers Fibre Optic Testing RF Test Equipment Benchtop Power Supplies Frequency Counters Test Equipment Accessories Calibration Equipment Function Generators & Synthesisers Test Equipment Power Cords Component Testers Insulation Testers / Megohmmeters Thermal Imagers Counters & Tachometers LAN/Telecom/Cable Testing Timers call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Thermal Management Fans & Blowers Temperature Sensors Thermal Substrates - MCPCB Heat Sinks Thermal Cut-offs Thermistors Heat Sinks - LED Thermal Interface Products Thermoelectric call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Tools & Supplies Adhesive Tapes Liquid Dispensers & Bottles Storage Boxes & Cases Antistatic Control Products Prototyping Products Tools Chemicals Soldering call us on 08450 22 23 24 we are here to help you Wire & Cable AC Power Leads Fan Leads & Accessories Hook-up Wire Cable Assemblies FFC / FPC Jumper Cables Multi-Conductor & Paired Cables Cables - RF Cable Assemblies Fibre Optic Wire Protection & Management Coaxial Cables Flat Cables



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Analog Technology, Inc. - http://www.atcorp.com.tw
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API NetWorks Inc. - http://www.apinetworks.com
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Arkados Inc. - http://www.arkados.com
Array Microsystems - http://www.array.com
ARSmikro - http://www.arsmikro.ee
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ArTile Microsystems, Inc. - http://www.artilemicro.com
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Artisan Components Inc. - http://www.artisan.com
Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. - http://www.asahi-kasei.co.jp/akm/index.htm
ASE Group - http://www.aseglobal.com
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ASIC Advantage, Inc. - http://www.asicadvantage.com
ASIC Northwest, Inc. - http://www.asicnw.com
ASICOM - http://www.asicom-tech.com
Asiliant Technologies - http://www.asiliant.com
ASIX - http://asix.com.tw
Aspex Technology - http://www.aspex.co.uk
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Astor Limited - http://www.astorltd.com
Asyst Technologies Inc. - http://www.asyst.com
ATecoM - http://www.atecom.de
Athena Semiconductors Inc. - http://www.athenasemi.com
Atheros Communications - http://www.atheros.com
ATI Technologies - http://www.ati.com
Atmel - http://www.atmel.com
Atmel Grenoble - http://www.atmel-grenoble.com
Atmos - http://www.atmos-semi.com
Atsana Semiconductor Corp. - http://www.atsana.com
Attansic Technology Corp. - http://www.attansic.com.tw
AU Optronics - http://www.auo.com
Auctor Corp. - http://www.auctorcorp.com
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AudioCodesm - http://www.audiocodes.com
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Austria Mikro Systeme - http://www.ams.co.at
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Avalon Photonics Ltd. - http://www.avap.ch
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Bright View Electronics - http://www.bvled.com.tw 
BrightCom Technologies - http://www.brightcom.com 
Brilliance Semiconductor Inc. - http://www.bsi.com.tw 
Broadcom - http://www.broadcom.com 
Bytesonic Corporation - http://www.bytesonic.com<


C&H Technology - http://www.chtechnology.com 
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C2V - http://www.c2v.nl 
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Calogic LLC - http://www.calogic.net 
Cambridge Display Technology Ltd. - http://www.cdtltd.co.uk 
Cambridge Positioning Systems Ltd. - http://www.cursor-system.co.uk 
Cambridge Semiconductor - http://www.camsemi.co.uk 
Cambridge Silicon Radio - http://www.cambridgesiliconradio.com 
Candescent Technologies Corporation - http://www.candescent.com 
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Catamaran Communications - http://www.catamarancom.com 
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Celeritous Technical Services - http://www.celeritous.com 
Celestica - http://www.celestica.com 
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Centaur Technology - http://www.centtech.com 
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Centrovision - http://www.centrovision.com 
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Cerdelinx Technologies Inc. - http://www.cerdelinx.com 
Cermet Inc. - http://www.cermetinc.com 
Cermetek Microelectronics - http://www.cermetek.com 
CGS Thermodynamics - http://www.semiseek.com 
Chameleon Systems, Inc. - http://www.cmln.com 
Champion Microelectronic Corporation - http://www.championmicro.com.tw 
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Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing - http://www.charteredsemi.com 
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Cheng-Yi Electroni Co. - http://www.c-y.com.tw 
Chi Mei Optoelectronics - http://www.cmo.com.tw 
Chicago Miniature Lamp - http://www.chml.com 
China Hua Jing Electronics Group Co. - http://jsfamous.js.cei.gov.cn/0200034/ehuajinq.htm 
China Semiconductors - http://www.csctw.com.tw 
Chino-Excel Technology Co. Ltd. - http://www.cetsemi.com 
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CHIPBOND Technology Corporation - http://www.chipbond.com.tw 
Chipcon - http://www.chipcon.no 
ChipExpress - http://www.chipexpress.com 
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Chips & Technologies - http://www.chips.com 
ChipWorks - http://www.chipworks.com 
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ChipX - http://www.chipx.com 
Chrontel - http://www.chrontel.com 
Chrysalis-ITS - http://www.chrysalis-its.com 
Chunghwa Picture LTD. - http://www.cptt.com.tw 
Cicada Semiconductor - http://www.cicada-semi.com 
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Cielo Communications, Inc. - http://www.cieloinc.com 
Circuit Integration Tech - http://www.cittek.com 
Cirrus Logic - http://www.cirrus.com 
Cisco Systems - http://www.cisco.com 
Citizen America Corporation - http://www.citizencrystal.com 
Citizen Electronics - http://www.c-e.co.jp 
Citizen Europe - http://www.citizen.co.uk 
Citizen Watch Co. - http://www.citizen.co.jp 
Clairex Technologies, Inc - http://www.clairex.com 
Clare - http://www.clare.com 
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Clare Micronix - http://www.mxasic.com 
Clarostat - http://www.clarostat.com 
Clear Logic - http://www.clear-logic.com 
ClearSpeed Technology Limited - http://www.clearspeed.com 
CMK Ltd - http://www.cmk.sk 
CML Microsystems Plc - http://www.cmlmicroplc.com 
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CMOS Micro Device Inc. - http://www.cmosmd.com 
Code Mercenaries - http://www.codemercs.com 
Cognet Microsystems - http://developer.intel.com/design/network/trans/cognetmicro.htm 
See also: http://www.intel.com Intel 
Cognigine Corporation - http://www.cognigine.com 
Coherent - http://www.coherentinc.com 
Cologne Chip - http://www.colognechip.com 
Comlent Technology Inc. - http://www.comlent.com 
Commtag - http://www.commtag.com 
Communicant Semiconductor Technologies AG - http://www.communicant.de 
Compensated Devices - http://www.cdi-diodes.com 
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Comport Data - http://www.comport-data.com 
Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp - http://www.csmcorp.com.tw 
Compound Semiconductor Technologies - http://www.compoundsemi.co.uk 
Concord Semiconductor Corp. - http://www.concordsemi.com 
Conexant - http://www.conexant.com 
Connect One - http://www.connectone.com Connex Technology - http://www.connextechnology.com 
Consumer Microcircuits Limited - http://www.cmlmicro.com 
Continental Device India Ltd - http://www.cdil.com 
Continental Industries, Inc - http://www.ciirelays.com 
Control Chips - http://www.controlchips.com 
Cooper Electronic Technologies - http://www.cooperet.com 
Corona Optical Systems - http://coronasys.com 
Cortina Systems Inc. - http://www.cortina-systems.com 
Cortologic - http://www.cortologic.com 
CORWIL Technology Corporation - http://www.corwil.com 
Cosmo Electronics Corporation - http://www.cosmo-ic.com 
Cotco - http://www.cotco.com 
Covion Organic Semiconductors GmbH - http://www.covion.com 
CPU Tech - http://www.cputech.com 
Cradle Technologies, Inc. - http://www.cradle.com 
Creative Technology Ltd. - http://www.creative.com 
Cree Inc. - http://www.cree.com 
Cree Microwave - http://www.creemicrowave.com 
Crescentec - http://www.crescentec.com 
Cristalonics - http://www.crystalonics.com 
CRL Opto - http://www.crlopto.com 
Cronos - http://www.memsrus.com 
Crosslink Semi - http://www.crosslinksemi.co.uk 
Crucial Technology - http://www.crucial.com 
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Crydom - http://www.crydom.com 
Crystal Semiconductor - http://www.crystal.com 
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Crystall - http://www.krystall.net 
Crystaloid - http://www.crystaloid.com 
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CT-Concept Technologie AG - http://www.igbt-driver.com 
CTI Communication Techniques - http://www.cti-inc.com 
Cyan Technology - http://www.cyantechnology.com 
Cybernetics InfoTech Inc. - http://www.cybit.com 
CyberTouch - http://www.cybertouchusa.com 
Cygnal Integrated Products Inc. - http://www.cygnal.com 
CyOptics - http://www.cyoptics.com 
Cypress Semiconductor - http://www.cypress.com 
Cyrix - http://www.cyrix.com 
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Data Device Corp. - http://www.ddc-web.com 
Data Display Products - http://www.ddp-leds.com 
Datang Telecom Technology Co.,LTD. - http://www.dtt.com.cn 
DataPath Systems - http://www.datapathsystems.com 
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Davicom Semiconductor - http://www.davicom8.com 
Davicom Semiconductor. Inc. - http://www.davicom.com.tw 
DC Components Co. Ltd. - http://www.mbmags.com/dccomp 
DCI Incorporated - http://www.dciincorporated.com 
DCM Technologies - http://www.dcmtech.com 
Delphi Automotive Systems - http://www.delphiauto.com 
Delta Optoelectronics Inc. - http://www.delta-opto.com.tw 
Denali Software Inc. - http://www.denalisoft.com 
Dense-Pac Microsystems - http://www.dense-pac.com 
DenseLight Semiconductors - http://www.denselight.com 
Design of Systems on Silicon S.A. - http://www.ds2.es 
Detection Technology - http://www.deetee.com 
Device Engineering, Inc. - http://www.deiaz.com 
Dialight - http://www.dialight.com 
Dialog Semiconductor - http://www.diasemi.com 
Digi International Inc. - http://www.dgii.com 
Digital Communication Technologies - http://www.dctl.com 
Digital Voice Systems - http://www.dvsinc.com 
DigitalQuake Inc. - http://www.digitalquake.com 
Dii Semiconductor - http://www.diisemi.com 
Diodes, Inc. - http://www.diodes.com 
Dionics, Inc. - http://www.dionics-usa.com 
Diotec - http://www.diotec.com 
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Directed Energy - http://www.directedenergy.com 
Discera Inc. - http://www.discera.com 
Discovery Semiconductors Inc. - http://www.chipsat.com 
Displaytech Ltd. - http://www.displaytech.com.hk 
Divio - http://www.divio.com 
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History of Electronics

314 Pyroelectricity is discovered by Theophrastus 600 BC Thales of Miletus writes about amber becoming charged by rubbing - he was describing what we now call static electricity. 600 BC a Greek named Thales discovered static electricity, notion that objects can become electrically charged. 600 Electric Charge Thales of Miletus.

600 Electric Field Thales of Miletus.

1600 English scientist, William Gilbert first coined the term “electricity” from the Greek word for amber. Gilbert wrote about the electrification of many…READ MORE


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Located in Harlow in the UK, ElectronicComponents.org.uk is one of the Industry’s Premier Electronic Component Supplier. Under the aegis of Oracle Group of Industries, we are your sole source for all kinds of long lead-time, hard to find, commercial, military, aerospace, NATO, ROHS and leaded electronic parts and components, we can also supply all aviation spares...


Bad Parts

Bad or Counterfeit parts is an irrefutable reality within the modern electronics industry. Today, there is no dearth of counterfeit and refurbished parts, remarked products or parts that lack original packing. The reasons for growing menace of bad electronic parts are however not hard to discern. Often buyers have purchased fake parts without knowing much about the supplier. In times of shortage, buyers scramble for parts and may end up buying components from a source they would not normally consider if the parts were not in short supply... READ MORE

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