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ElectronicComponents.org.uk is your exclusive source for all kinds of electronic components. We are your supplier of choice, supplying over 40 million electronic parts and components to different parts of the world.


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We supply electronic components to various industries such as automobiles, appliance and telecom equipment manufacturing, computers, government agencies and aerospace/defence contractors.


Whether you are looking for everyday electronic components or long-lead time or hard to find electronic components, ElectronicComponents.org.uk has the right electronic part to cater to your specific needs.


As the industry’s Pioneering leading Electronic Component Supplier, ElectronicComponents.org.uk is the place where your quest for superior quality electronic parts comes to an end. We deal in and supply all kinds of active, passive electronic components, Electromechanical components and all aviation spares to a wide range of industries.


Active Electronic Components.


Electronic Components may be put into three broad categories: a large group of active, a smaller segment of passive components, and a group of electronic parts that have physical moving parts. Here’s a little more detail


Active Electronic Components are the ones that have gain or directionality. They include Semiconductors (Solid State Devices) and Thermionic Valves (Vacuum Tubes). Semiconductors can be further broken down into optoelectronics and integrated circuits.


Passive Electronic Components.


Passive Electronic Components are those that do not have gain or directionality. In the electric industry, these are called electrical elements or electrical components. Passive components include but not limited to capacitors, resistors, filters, inductors and oscillators.


Electro-Mechanical Components.


Electro-Mechanical Components are those that have a physical moving element to them such as switches, relays, motors and connectors.


Aviation Spares


Aviation Spares are those parts use on a regular basis to maintain all aircraft both fixed wing and Rotor wing, from fasteners, O-rings, airframe, electronic systems, paint adhesive and all types of aviation spares


Product Portfolio:


www.ElectronicComponents.org.uk offers a Diversified Product Portfolio that is one of the widest in the industry. Our product range continues to grow by following trends, regular product improvisations and complete attention to customer feedback.


We supply every electrical component from the unusual to the common, from every manufacturer. Some of our electronic component manufacturers include Actel, Agilent Technologies, C & K, BC Components, CII Technologies, Delta, Sony, ELAN Microelectronics, Ericsson, Fuji Electric, Hitachi, FTA, Honda, IBM, Intel, LG Electronics, Motorola, Panasonic and many others.


Our major product types include but are not limited to cords, switches, resistors, protection devices, terminals and connectors, crystals, resonators, integrated and hybrid circuits, diodes, semiconductors, transducers, detectors and sensors etc.  looking for that elusive electronic components


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